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With a Webasto sunroof, supplied and fitted by Car Glass and Trim you're choosing top quality from the worlds leading specialists. Webasto Supply nearly all car manufacturers with a total of about 3 million sunroofs a year for fitting in new cars.

Webasto are also the market leader in retrofit sunroofs, what's more all Webasto sunroofs come with a three year guarantee, at Car Glass and Trim they are fitted by our trained technicians. So that we can be sure that you'll be satisfied for years to come.

We can supply top slider operation with contiouosly adjustable manual or electric tilting and sliding, the integrated sunshade opens automatically with the roof blending harmoniously into the headliner.

Options available depending on type of sunroof fitted.

  • Tinted safety glass with excellent UV protection and high infrared reflection.
  • Electric one touch operaton, illuminated switch, comfort closing can be set to close automatically after the ignition is switched off.
  • Wind deflector interated in frame.
  • Avalable in different glass sizes, and opening height.
  • Integrated sliding sunshade roller.
  • Flockedheadliner cover.